Crimea, Olenevka, Tarkhankut lighthouse

Tarkhankut lighthouse

The Tarkhankut rocky shores are very beautiful, but not safe for navigators. Many a ship has been wrecked here. In order to prevent possible wrecks a lighthouse was built in 1816 on a cape protruding far into the sea. The majestic white-stone tower was erected at a distance of 30 m from the shore, its height is about 40 m. A spiral staircase leads to an observation landing from where there opens a picturesque view of the sea-coast and sea distance.

The lighthouse light could be seen, according to data of 1862, from a distance of 23 km. In the presence of fog there began to work a pneumatic siren the sound of which could be heard from a distance of 11 km from the shore. A double stroke of a bell every three minutes also could be a sound signal.

Arambol beach

The lighthouse serves the sailors up to the present. The entrance to the territory is allowed only with an excursion. At an extra charge one may go up to the observation landing.

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