Applications of optical fiber

Optical fibers are used as light guides in medical and other applications where bright light is needed to hit a target without a clear line-of-sight path. In many microscopes, fiber optics have been used as a source of light in order to provide intense and strong illumination to the sample which is under a microscope.

Applications of optical fiber

Optical fibers also have a use in imaging optics. In an endoscope, which is a thin and long imaging device, a coherent bundle of fibers is used which allows the user to view the object through the small eyepiece hole. In order to perform minimally invasive exploratory or surgical procedures, medical endoscopes are used. Industrial endoscopes (see fiberscope or borescope) are used to inspect hard-to-reach anything, such as the interiors of a jet engine. Best optical lenses manufacturer and precision optics manufacturers are hired to design precision lenses and prism products selection is done very precisely.

In some buildings, optical fibers are used so that the rays of the sun can be distributed from the roof to the other parts of the building. Optical fiber lamps are also used as a light source in decorative applications including, art, artificial Christmas trees, signs, and art. Optical fiber is an internal part of the LiTraCon which is a light-transmitting concrete building product.

Optical fiber has also an application in structural health monitoring. These kinds of sensors are used to detect stresses that could have a lasting impaact on the structures. principle of measuring analog attenuation is the core on which it is based. In spectroscopy, the optical fiber bundle transmits light from a spectrometer to a substance that cannot be placed inside the spectrometer itself, so that its structure can be analyzed. With the help of fibers, we can study objects remotely by using a spectrometer.

Applications of optical fiber

Emission process in optical fiber

An optical fiber that is mixed with some rare earth elements including erbium can be used as the gain medium of an optical amplifier or laser. Rare-Earth-doped optical fiber can be used to provide signal amplification by splitting a small portion of the doped fiber into a regular (undoped) optical fiber line. A second laser wavelength which is combined into the line in addition to the signal wave is optically pumped inside the doped fiber. Both wavelengths of light are transmitted through the doped fiber, which transfers energy from the second pump wavelength into the signal wave. This whole process which makes the phenomenon of amplification takes place is known as stimulated emission.

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